With the Roaring Twenties getting into their stride, René Léon, Administrator of the Société des Bains de Mer, wanted to offer clientèle new distractions and decided to build a hotel right on the water’s edge: the Monte-Carlo Beach. He entrusted the building’s construction to the architect Roger Seassal. In 1929, Elsa Maxwell, then in charge of external relations, invited members of high society, with the result that the hotel was a resounding success from the very beginning! Seventy years later, the Monte-Carlo Beach was completely renovated.

The façade remained intact to respect the beauty of the scenery. This establishment with its Californian atmosphere continued to draw people from all over the world, politicians, businessmen, artists and sports personalities who came in search of an ambiance rather like an eternal Garden of Eden, known to Italians as La Dolce Vita.