We have more than 20 years of extensive experience in International Tourism, having lived abroad for over 16 years - distributed between The Netherlands, Italy, Ireland and Portugal - working for Tourist Boards in Brazil and for private companies in Europe and fluent in Portuguese, Italian and English, we are committed to providing excellent customer service designing unique luxury travel experiences in classic, exclusive and exotic destinations tailored to attend each individual request: leisure, incentives and events, developing also tailor made programs for physically challenged and senior passengers with special needs and demands as well as hotel arrangements which we carefully select for a discerning clientele.

It is our philosophy to provide personal touches and care at the forefront of all we do – supported by high level of technology and constant updating.

We have developed an excellent partnership rapport with them through the years, giving us the advantage to process each reservation in a personalized way, always looking forward to fulfilling all particular traveller’s needs. Encompassing la crème de la crème in holiday destinations throughout the world, we offer an updated dimension in luxury, gastronomy, traditional elegance, sheer pleasure and relaxation.