Still prized by VIP guests (kings, princes, movie stars, international businessmen and – women, heads of state), it is brimming with every type of treasure: couture, jewellery, sumptuous hotels, star-rated restaurants, luxury cars, international events… The French Riviera remains the destination of choice for figures of influence from all over the world.

Beautiful hotels, firmly anchored in the 21st century, its exclusive restaurants and outstanding wine-cellars, plus the most prestigious spas and treatments, not forgetting the story of the world’s most famous fragrances, born in the flower fields of the French Riviera, exclusive shopping, and the most prestigious means of transport. Each place or theme is broached from a specific angle that will enable you to discover it afresh. For the French Riviera as a destination, the luxury industry is first and foremost one of the main vectors of its image on the international stage. Often qualified as bling bling, it knows how to be perfectly chic and elegant. Tourism professionals have channelled their efforts and investments into products and services that make the grade and ensure that the clientele remains loyal to the French Riviera. The economic stakes are high. Major hotel groups invest massively in tourist infrastructures on the French Riviera.